Saturday, July 12, 2014

There's Freedom in My Long Skirts

They say it doesn't matter.  God looks at the heart, not our outward appearance.  So I have a question for the ladies that have been born again for a year and over, with the two above pictures, which one do you think our men in the church would be able to focus on God more?  Selah

As women we have the power to seduce.  We seduce by what a man's eye can see.  Don’t get me wrong; when it’s husband and wife time, I encourage you to look like the bottom picture.  However, when it’s God time, you should be dressed accordingly.  Our men are men of God, but they are yet men!  How can our brothers get in the spirit if they are having their eyes on you?   You get to praising the Lord and everyone can see your glory.  How is that holy?  We always talk about the old time way and how strict there were.  Yet by now we should see that it was for decency and order, not bondage. Just like we have separation of church and state, let there be a separation between the sexy and the holy way of dressing.

There’s freedom in my long skirt!