Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch Me in the Club...

You are a youth in church and hear how you can’t be going to the club on Saturday and then try to praise the Lord on Sunday.  You may think to yourself, what’s wrong with that?  Some may even think well its easier for you to tell me not to go the clubs when you was younger, you was all up in it.  Now that you're old, you trying to ruin my fun.  Hmmmm

Well, I learned yet again the hard way why saint don’t got no business in the clubJ  

As Sophia from the Golden Girls would say, picture it.  You got your best outfit on and feeling good.  You arrive at the club.  Your song comes on so you decided to get your dance on.  You saved, but full of youth and just want to have some fun.  To be honest, the club scene starts off fun.
I’ve learn that Satan works best on the youth through deception!  Remember, he is the father of lies!
The deception for me was one of my co-workers suggesting I be the designated driver since they knew I was saved and wouldn’t drink.  I said ok, at least I would help from one hurting themselves or others.  So off to the club I go.  I heard a song and was like ohhhhh and did my dance, while babysitting adults. Oh yeah, at first it seem like no big deal.  Why the church gets on the youth so about this.  Oh but the night went on….

Within this same night, I witnessed women getting their high on in the bathroom. While dancing, this lady looked out of it and the guy was doing some interesting things while suppose to be dancing with her. I didn’t want to leave my soda down, as concern someone may put something in it that would send me out my right mind. Ha-ha   Then I had to ask the Lord for help, as my friend was about to go off with two other guys that was walking her to this white van.  I forgot how some people become the angry drunk, and while minding my business, this stranger asked me what I was doing there.  Yeah, the demons knew I had no business being there even if I didn’t!  What started out to feel like so much fun ended up having to semi fight off the two men with my friend.  I had to wrestle with her to get her in my car.  Then calming down another one before we ended up on the local news, and wondering about the next one.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted and not in a fun way.

So why are we told such places aren’t meant for a saint, simple, because it turns into a demonic atmosphere.  If not careful it can take your peace, it can disturb your joy.  I haven’t been back to a club since!  I have no desire to be there.  Oh, and I told the adults you grown when they wanted me to be a designated driver again.  Yet did you see how the devil tricked me.  However it taught me the answer to why.

We love songs from Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin.  I suggest a get together one Friday or Saturday night and play those types of songs and just enjoy one another’s company.  God is not against youth having some fun, but to be honest, we have to use wisdom.  We are in the world, but we sure nough aint of the world.

Hope my experience gave a better understanding on why not go to the club.  Be encouraged.          

For the Young and Saved :)

Oh the dating phase.  You see that guy that is so fine to your eyes.  You see that girl that is just gorgeous to your taste.  You meet.  You eat, laugh, and get to know each other better.  The flowers, the candy, the cards make it extra special.  Your heart beats harder when you see them.  You heart aches for them when they have to go.  Some women practice writing the guy they’re dating last name.  Men show other men how proud they are to say that’s my lady.  Oh yes, dating, what a wonderful feeling.  What a wonderful phase.

Then one night hormones knocks on the door.  What the two of you to do?  This is just some suggestions I think can be helpful for those youth that are dating and saved:

1.      Pray before you start your date.  I know when I was practicing this, hormones took a back seat.  I don’t know why I stopped.  Oh, and if brother is not encouraging the pray sometimes, RED FLAG!!
2.      Go to places where neither of you will be tempted! Then go home! Hahaha.  A kiss good night is nice but keep it moving!  Oh, and don’t get too HBO with the kiss either.  What happens when you touch a hot stove, need I say more. Hahaa.  It’s also good to go out with others like a double date to avoid temptation as well.
3.      Spend some time on your spirituality.  For example, this Friday night we will prayer together and do a bible study or discussion.  Again, if brother is not feeling this too tough, RED FLAG!!
4.      Some things come out by prayer and fasting.  It’s more to our spiritual lives than just corporate fasting.  Sometimes you have to get in your prayer closet and work it out.  So fasting to keep the flesh under subjection is suggested as well.  If brother making excuses all the time, RED FLAG!!

There is a reason why the Bible tells us to watch as well as prayer.  So keep mindful of things!  Even if it wasn’t meant to be, you can still remain friends and wish the best for each other.  It’s easier to do that when there is no sex involved!  I have ex’s that if I saw right now I would be like “heyyyy” J  Yet the one with sex, I would be like “oh God” J

Men, looking back, I wish I would of stayed doing this.  Well, we live and learn.  Hope this helps someoneJ

If anyone needs prayer or just want to holla at me on this, feel free.  Email: clarke697@gmail.com Twitter: @evie730

What About The Youth?

Remember in church you will see the children’s choir and we all would go awww, so cute.  Somehow the church would make sure all types of programs were catered to them.  We would grab their cheeks or give them that hug.  Yet something happened…these same munchkins have now gone from adorable to hormones.  Where is the church then?

We often wonder why that girl got caught in out of wedlock pregnancy, or you why haven’t seen that boy in church since he finished high school.  Can it be that the church as a whole ignores our youth needs???

Growing up in church, I was not perfect at all.  As I’ve said in the past, I started out getting saved because I witnessed the Lord deliver my mother from alcoholism and a cigarette addiction in one night.  Yet how many can say amen to the fact that you can’t live off of someone else’s testimony forever.  Eventually, you have to have your own.  I learned the hard way that church is not a place to expect perfection.  I truly thought back then it would be the one place where it would be problem free.  Yes, I was wrong!  I ended up experiencing more hurt from my peers in church than I did at high school.  Sad but true.  Here’s a secret, as long as I kept my mind on Christ, He kept me in peace.  It was the minute I turn my mind towards the issues that all hell broke loose!

Yes, we were told fornication is a sin, but did anyone think to have youth night to explain in detail?  Did anyone say let’s just minister to the youth one Friday night to just let them get it out and have some prayer?  Did anyone explain why we shouldn’t be at such places like the club?  Where’s the youth ministry, not munchkins, youth!  Going to such things like Great Adventures is nice, but Great Adventures isn’t going to help when those hormones knock on the door!

Let’s be real, youth can be saved and love the Lord, but those hormones are kicking them big time.  I hate to say I see the same cycle today.  I am trying my best to encourage my brother, which at times can be hard as I also understand.  I see in my parents the church the young people that are 18-25 are barely there.  It breaks my heart at times.  It during those prime years is where the devil comes in with decent.  That decent can turn into rebellion due to hurt.  That rebellion can cause some never to get back to their first love.

I know this is women know your worth.  However, I think I want to address some “youth issues” in some upcoming blogs.  I want our youth to be encouraged.   Especially my young ladies! Oh and churches, I hope I am giving you something to think about.