Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Life Under a Sheet

1 Peter 1:24

For all flesh is as grass and all glory of man as the flower of grass.  The grass wither and the flower thereof falls away.


We all think we’re going to live forever, but the truth is we’re not!  Like a flower that buds into this beautiful human being. Our flowers begin to wither and eventually the pedals start to fall away.  Our life is like the wind, it comes and it goes.  Yet do we ever think about how our life would be under that sheet?

What would you want people first thoughts of you to be when your time has ended?  Would you like thoughts of he/she was an inspiration or they lifted me up whenever they came in the room.  Of course-we all want positive memories to be expressed when we are no longer on this plane.  So, what are we doing with the time we have to make that be a reality?

Are we walking in love?  Are we truly forgiving?  Are we looking beyond just our own little world?

Hebrews 9:27 speaks about after death comes judgement.  Think about it, what will God judge YOU on?  Not your neighbor, church, or even loves ones; just you!

Let’s remember that our life here on earth is short.  May we try to get beyond the non-important things that is really just us walking around in pride.  Instead let’s live our lives desiring to make a difference, and do something we always wanted to enjoy along the way.

P.S.  If you are not born-again and interested in giving your heart to the Lord, look at the salvation prayer on this page and repeat it out loud.  You just never know when you will be the one under that sheet!


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Every Knee

As reflecting upon Colin Kaepernick’s knee controversy, it makes me think on today times.

The weather is acting crazy.  Parents are against their children, children are against their parents.  People have become lovers of evil more than lovers of good.  Some of American pulpits anointing has waxed cold and instead have become a place for motivational speaking instead of the Gospel.  Some churches spend twenty minutes about an offering and then five minutes on one’s soul.  Let’s face it, some passages we are use to just seeing in our Bibles are now stories with our local TV news stations.

This all points to one statement:  Jesus is coming back!

Philippians 2:10-11

That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of those in heaven, and of those on the earth, and of those under the earth.  And every tongue shall confess that Jesus Chris is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Now we’ve all read or have heard of the scripture.  Yet we miss the value of this scripture.  Every knee-that includes under the earth.  Satan will bow his knee.  His demons will bow their knees.  His kingdom will bow.  So ask yourself saints, why are we giving Satan power that he really doesn’t have over us IN CHRIST!  Once we’ve been transformed from the power of darkness, we took our dominion back from him.  The only authority he has is what we give to him!
So the next time he tries his tricks, remember EVERY knee!

Stay encouraged.