Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Broken Heart

Years ago as a child watched their dad leave home to never come back.  He/ she can grow up either with the mindset of I will never do that, or it was done to me so I will do to you. That act set a course of a broken heart.

That boy/girlfriend we adored so much that we just knew they would be “the one”. Yet they cheated, an act one would think would never happen and it did.  The relationship once adored has ended, and now that action has set a course of a broken heart.

A parent has died and the grief can be at times unbearable.  It is a time where you think siblings will unite the most.  Yet that one sibling caused so much chaos at a time of vulnerability.  Their actions caused a separation and set a course of a broken heart.

That son/daughter that went on to fight for our country and their parents were filled with honor and pride over their child.  Yet that parent found their child never came back home, or they returned not to be the same.  Once what was looked upon as an honor has now turned into anger and dismay.  That act set a course of a broken heart.

How many of us is fine looking on the outside, but walking around with a broken heart?
A broken heart can make you say statements like “never again”, I’m done, or “I just give up”.
A broken heart can open up the door to depression, bitterness, anger, and defeat.
A broken heart can be a silent killer from within.

Psalm 147:3
He heals the broken in heart, and bind up their wounds.

Guess what, God is concern about our broken hearts.  He wants to heal them.  He wants to release that person that has never forgiven that dad for leaving.  He wants to heal that person that got damage by a relationship.  He wants to heal that person that may have experience a sexual assault.   He wants to heal all broken hearts.

See there is a freedom that comes upon our lives when we allow God to heal the deep wounds we have hidden from the outside.  It’s those deep wounds that can cause a hindrance in our growth with God.  He wants our hearts.  So I encourage you to give him your broken heart and let him heal in Jesus name.

Monday, October 5, 2015

I’ve come to the Realization

Our Christian journey is similar to our national journey.  In the natural, we all start off as babies, then grow to toddlers, then innocent children, then them terrible teens, to finally adulthood.   We have the same process in our Christian experience.  We all start out as babes, then the carnal minded stage, to eventually spiritual maturity.  We are to go from level to level, from glory to glory.

At the Tabernacle, there was the outer court, the inner court, and then the Holy of Holies.  The outer court is where we sometimes can get too comfortable staying.  Yet there is so much more to it our experience than that!  See once you know who you REALLY ARE IN CHRIST, you can go from begging God, to asking God, to decreeing in Jesus name.  See once we start growing in our walk with God, there are levels to reach that goes beyond what the carnal mind can see.

There is a place in God where you no longer ask what you need, you decree what you need.  There is a place in God where the angels are awaiting for your request so they can minister.  There is a place in God where the eternal become more real than the external eye can see. There is a place in God where you will even look at your trials as a learning tool and not a moment of defeat.  Do we truly believe Jesus died so that we can have eternal life? Do we truly believe we are to have life more abundantly?

Yet here’s the secret: holiness.

I beseech you therefore, brethren by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Romans 12:1

We are set apart. We are peculiar people.  We are to be different.  No, we can’t do anything, wear anything, or be a part of anything. We have to develop relationship with our God.  Not from our mind, but from our hearts. Let’s strive for more spiritually things and less material things.  Oh how I encourage you saints to get to know God from your heart. Whew, He will blow your mind!